Friday, June 21, 2013

We want Bon Jovi in Portugal - The Circle Tour

"Because We Can - The Tour" is in Europe right now. Today in Stuttgart, Germany (same place where I went in 2006 to see them). Only 5 days to Bon Jovi play here in my town, Lisbon.
This is a special video a friend of mine did. She is Filipa Fonseca.
Thanks so much for doing this amazing video. There are some phrases I said (one for example in the beginning, I am the first one speaking). Also there are 4 photos of me in the video. And there are some photos I took in Rock In Rio Madrid on June 4, 2010 also in the video.
I love this video. It's a video uploaded on youtube by Filipa Fonseca on June 8, 2010.
A little text that Filipa wrote on the video:
"Let's show who is the best crowd in the world...uma pequena amostra (muito pequena) dos fas portugueses e dos melhores momentos dos Bon Jovi em Portugal...90mil pessoas a cantarem em uníssono quer dizer alguma coisa ;)"

We want Bon Jovi in Portugal -The Circle Tour

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