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Celebrating "Eddie Guerrero" - 2005-11-14 - RAW.

The day after Eddie's dead on RAW.
Celebrating Eddie Guerrero
November 14, 2005

WWE was deeply saddened by the loss of Eddie Guerrero, who died Sunday morning in Minneapolis. In response, the entire WWE family gathered on RAW to remember Guerrero. Superstars from both rosters took part in interbrand matches dedicated to their dear, departed friend. Between matches, Eddie’s peers paid tribute with video messages. Many cried, all were overwhelmed with emotion. Each cited stories particular to their friendship with Eddie, but all spoke of his inspirational role in their lives, his love for his family and his uncanny ability to summon any emotion and convey it to an appreciative crowd. Eddie was remembered as a consummate in-ring technician and exceptional performer. He is missed, and in the words of Stephanie McMahon, he will always be a champion.

The night began with a 10-bell salute as WWE Superstars stood in silent remembrance. As Mr. McMahon introduced a special video tribute, the fans in attendance chanted, “Thank you, Eddie!”

What followed was a truly rare match pitting World Tag Team Champions Kane & Big Show against WWE Tag Team Champions MNM. Mercury, Nitro & Melina did everything they could to try to outwit the bigger men — knowing they couldn’t overpower their monster opponents. Melina also attempted to distract the World Tag Team Champions, but when she jumped on the ring apron, she received a big, wet kiss for her trouble. For a second time, an increasingly desperate Mercury attacked Kane with a championship belt. But that would prove to be as close as MNM could come to stealing the win. Soon after, Nitro found himself on the receiving end of a double-chokeslam and was out for the three-count. Following the match, Big Show imitated Eddie’s signature strut in homage.

The evening’s next tribute match brought mentor and student back together. Kurt Angle battled former protégé Shelton Benjamin and was forced to cope with all he had taught his athletic pupil. Benjamin, a graduate of the University of Minnesota, also enjoyed the support of the Minneapolis crowd.

Despite the circumstances of the match, Angle brought intensity and focus to the ring — immediately going to work on Benjamin. But the acrobatic Shelton shifted the momentum with a soaring tope-rope clothesline. The Stinger Splash that followed missed the mark, allowing Kurt to connect with rolling German suplexes and eventually an Angle Slam. To Angle’s shock, Shelton kicked out, but the series of events seemed to launch the Olympic gold medalist into yet another gear. Shelton was able to hit a jaw-dropping suplex off the top rope that rotated Angle completely in the air, but Kurt played possum and caught Benjamin with the ankle lock. Immediately, Angle grapevined the hold, spelling doom for Shelton who tapped soon after.

Angle then held his black, “E.G.” armband high in victory.

In the next truly special interbrand contest, Eddie’s close friend Rey Mysterio took on “The Showstopper” Shawn Michaels. Both men wore Eddie t-shirts to the ring. The match would turn on a series of attempted finishers. Twice Michaels successfully ducked the 619 and escaped, but Rey returned the favor by dodging Sweet Chin Music after absorbing a top-rope elbow smash. From there, Rey connected with a hurricanrana that propelled HBK into the ring ropes, allowing Mysterio to finally hit the 619. With lightning speed, Rey followed with Droppin’ Da Dime and earned a classic victory. An emotional Rey began to cry, then pointed to the heavens as an act of dedicating the win to Guerrero.

The Divas of RAW and SmackDown took to the ring next. Each wore Guerrero tees into the ring, then pulled off that layer to reveal the sumptuous outfits underneath. In the frenetic atmosphere of the Diva Battle Royal beautiful bodies were flying everywhere. Mickie James exited first, followed soon after by Jillian Hall. Backstage announcer Maria tried to stay out of the fray while the other Divas went at it. Candice sent Christy to the floor with a right hand, but surprisingly Maria used the opportunity to eliminate Candice. With her newfound confidence, Maria attacked both Trish and Melina and was immediately tossed out in response. That left the Women’s Champion alone with the vixen of MNM. The match turned when Trish attempted the Stratusfaction only to be caught by Melina. Trish was left in a precarious position and couldn’t quite fight her way back to solid ground. Melina picked up the huge victory and put another notch in her belt.

With sadness and palpable emotion in the air, it was a welcome distraction as the entertaining Eugene took to the ring against Simon Dean. The fitness guru inadvertently sent himself into the top turnbuckle, then walked into a Rock Bottom for the pin. Two savvy ring veterans followed, as Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair finished off William Regal with the Figure-Four Leglock.

In the final tribute match, WWE Champion John Cena defeated SmackDown star Randy Orton when Cowboy Bob prevented an FU, causing the disqualification. Randy afterward attempted an RKO, but Cena pushed away and caught Randy with an FU coming off the ropes. The Champ then removed the Guerrero shirt he wore all match long, placed it flat in the center of the ring, then draped it with the WWE Championship belt.

Monday night was filled with heartfelt tributes from Eddie’s friends and peers. John Cena called Eddie a great man and a father figure. Lilian Garcia cited their Latino connection and remembered their time together with the troops in Iraq. Shawn Michaels spoke of their shared deeply held faith, and how they’d meet again in the Kingdom of Heaven. Triple H remembered the little things Eddie could do to make you laugh or cry — anything he wanted to emotionally accomplish as a performer in the ring. Stephanie McMahon explained just how humble and sweet Eddie was, saying that he just stole your heart. A distraught Batista spoke of just how close the two friends had grown, and how Eddie helped him carry the heavy burden of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rey Mysterio explained the bond between his family and Eddie’s. Overcome by emotion, Rey dropped his head and removed his mask. (WATCH)

Chris Benoit spoke of Eddie as his best friend — a friend of just about 15 years. He said Eddie was one person he could always pour his heart out to and someone he could always call on. (WATCH)

Nephew Chavo said that he and Eddie were truly brothers with big shoes to fill growing up in the Guerrero family. He spoke of their instinctual bond, in the ring and out, and the inspirational role Eddie played in his life. (WATCH)

What more can I say!!!

Paying tribute to "Eddie Guerrero" - 2005-11-18 - SMACKDOWN.

The tribute that the wrestlers did to Eddie This last Friday night, the 18th of November. AMAZING. I hope the people who don't like wrestling with the next text, they will try to understand a little the life of a wrestler.

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Paying tribute
November 18, 2005

This week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown was dedicated to the memory of Eddie Guerrero, who tragically passed away on Nov. 13, and several special inter-promotional matches were contested to honor the legacy of Latino Heat.

As the show began, Eddie’s entrance music hit, and World Heavyweight Champion Batista came to the ring in a low-rider to pay tribute to his fallen amigo. After parking the low-rider in the entrance aisle and entering the ring, Batista said that Eddie loved his family and the sports-entertainment business, and found peace inside the ring. He knew Eddie was at peace now, and said he will make sure that no one ever forgets Eddie Guerrero. As Batista left the ring, he laid the World Heavyweight Championship on the hood of the low-rider, one final tribute to his amigo.

In perhaps the most emotional moment of the night, Eddie’s nephew Chavo Guerrero took on JBL. An emotional and fired-up Chavo dominated in the early going, but JBL caught him coming off the top rope with a fallaway slam to take control. JBL worked over Chavo, but as the fans chanted “Eddie, Eddie” over and over, Chavo nailed a tornado DDT to escape another fallaway slam attempt. Chavo then went to ringside, grabbing two chairs and throwing one into the ring. As the referee cleared the first chair, Chavo snuck the second one in. He tossed it to JBL, and in homage to his uncle Eddie, went down to act as if JBL hit him with the chair. While the referee questioned JBL’s perceived actions, Chavo hit the former WWE Champion with a low blow, and delivered Eddie’s signature “Three Amigos.” Chavo then climbed to the top rope, and after pointing to the sky in tribute, hit his uncle’s signature Frog Splash for the pinfall victory.

In the night’s final contest, Eddie’s best friend Chris Benoit took on RAW’s Triple H. The emotional Benoit came out strong and aggressive, nearly locking The Game in the Crippler Crossface on multiple occasions. Triple H was able to escape each time, and managed to toss Benoit to the arena floor. Triple H took control of Benoit, working the back and ribs, until Benoit escaped. Triple H managed to block the Sharpshooter, but Benoit responded by blocking The Game’s attempt at a Pedigree. Benoit dominated from there, and his signature rolling German Suplexes led to The Wolverine finally locking on the Crippler Crossface. Triple H attempted to break out of the maneuver, but as he rolled over, Benoit released his grip and caught Triple H in a modified cradle. Triple H was unable to escape, and Benoit claimed the pinfall victory. After the match, Benoit and Triple H shared an embrace, and then pointed to the sky in tribute to their fallen friend. Dean Malenko, another of Eddie’s best friends, joined Benoit in the ring and embraced the Wolverine as well.

Also during the night, Matt Hardy defeated RAW’s Carlito, Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich defeated Cade & Murdoch, and Juventud won an 11-man inter-promotional Cruiserweight Battle Royal, last eliminating Paul London.

Throughout the night, various clips were shown that chronicled some of the greatest moments of Eddie’s career and looked inside the personal life of one of the most beloved Superstars in WWE history. Also, several WWE Superstars also gave their thoughts on Latino Heat through a series of testimonial tributes.

JBL talked about how while he and Eddie were bitter rivals in the ring, they were the best of friends outside the squared circle. He recounted how their rivalry nearly caused riots in every city they visited, and how Eddie was always there for him when he was having problems. JBL’s last wish was to see Eddie come out in the low-rider one last time. (WATCH)

Big Show said that Eddie was a great man and a great father, and touched upon Eddie’s spirituality. Show said his only comfort is that Eddie is now in a better place where he is safe and loved, and knows there will never be another like him. (WATCH)

Booker T expressed his sympathies to Eddie’s wife and family, and said they could always reach out to himself and Sharmell. (WATCH)

Mr. McMahon praised Eddie as a classic performer, and one of the all-time greats. He said that Eddie was a master craftsman at work, and loved to perform for the fans. Mr. McMahon also said that above all else, Eddie was a good man. (WATCH)

And finally, Shane McMahon said that the Guerreros were one of the most special multi-generation families in the business, and Eddie was the most special of the bunch. Eddie loved what he did, and left behind a great legacy. Shane said that the fans’ chants of “Eddie, Eddie” will always live on inside their hearts. (WATCH)

As the night progressed, Eddie’s low-rider remained parked in the entrance aisle, with the World Heavyweight Championship remaining on its hood; as the show went off the air, the final shot was a close-up of the championship resting there, a fitting final tribute to a man who will be remembered as a champion both in and out of the ring.

WRESTLING DEATH. Eddie Guerrero (1967-2005-11-13).

Hi everyone.

I don't know if you are a fan of WWE Wrestling (World Wrestling Entertaining) but Eddie Guerrero was found dead Sunday morning in his hotel room in Minneapolis.
I will add here the official news from the wwe official site:

Before you read the news I have to tell you that I love wrestling since the 80's. I try never to miss a show, nor from RAW, nor from SMACKDOWN. My favourite show is RAW because it has all my favourite wrestlers. My all time favourite wrestler is and always was "The Heartbreak kid - Shawn Michaels". My other favourites are: "Triple-H", "The Undertaker", "Edge", "Stone Cold Steve Austin", "John Cena", "Mick Foley" & "The Rock". And I also like of "Stacy Keibler", "Lita", "Trish stratus", "Chris Benoit", "Matt Hardy", "Randy Orton" & "Rey Mysterio".

Well, this is the official news:

Eddie Guerrero passes away
Nov. 13, 2005

WWE is deeply saddened by the news that Eddie Guerrero has passed away. He ws born in 1967 and died with only 38 years old. He was found dead Sunday morning in his hotel room in Minneapolis. Eddie is survived by his wife Vickie and daughters Shaul, 14, Sherilyn, 9, and Kaylie Marie, 3.

The cause of death is unknown at this time. An autopsy will be performed in Minneapolis on Monday, and Eddie's body will then be flown to Arizona. Funeral arrangements are set for Thursday.
We don't even know what to say!!!

PS: This made me remember the death of "Owen-Hart" that I saw. But Owen-Hart died on live tv when he fall down trough 30 feet high (more or less). "Owen-Hart" was canadian and the brother of the great champion of the 90's "Bret-The-Hitman-Hart".

Thursday, November 10, 2005

MTV EMAs 2005 in Lisbon, Portugal. Nov. 3rd. I was there.

Hi friends.

It is a while since I write here but some strange things are happening to me.
I'm going to tell you my day at the EMAs of MTV on the Atlantic Pavillion here in Lisbon.

On the 3rd of November (the great day of the show) I arrive there to the "Cast Audience" row a little after 2 o'clock pm. By this time I knew that already other cast audience winners are inside. When we were waiting we were given food and drinks. I waited and at about 3:30 I got in. I was checked in by giving my name and showing my id and I get a red wristband.
I knew by this time that Robbie williams had already did the rehearsal.

After I get in inside the pavillion I went with many people to the seatings just on the left side of the stage. Here I saw the rehearsal of "The Black Eyed Peas", of The "Foo Fighers" and of "Shakira". It was awsome to see them again live. Shakira did the rehearsal twice. COOL.

Than about 6:00 pm, my group people with red wristbands went outside the pavillion to the area of the "Red Carpet" where almost all the "stars" will pass. I stayed in a good place behind the portuguese TV camara "RTP1" and with the "Sky News" and "RTL" on the right side of the portuguese TV reporter. Our group was the only one to be here on the "Red Carpet". I was shot by the "RTP1" many of my frinds saw me on Live TV and I was shot also on the "Sky News" and other Countrys TV Stations.

A little time after 6pm all the famous people start to arrive. They entered very slow and some were interviewed by the portuguese TV Crew like "Shakira", "Robbie Williams", "Luis Figo" (the soccer player), a guy from the "Black Eyed Peas", "The Pussycat Dolls", "Nelly Furtado", "Rasmus", "Green Day", "Sugababes", "t.A.t.U.", "Craig David", "Akon" and some other famous people. It was really cool to see all this people passing by me. The only people that didn't pass there was "Madonna" and "Gwen Steffany".
When almost all the singers were interviewed by the camaras we started to thing their songs. It was a good time.

A little before 8 o'clock we (me and the other people with the red wristbands) were told that the show will start 10 minuts later. And that later someone from MTV will take us to inside the pavillion in front of the stages.
But I was really upset because we lose the first 30 minutes of the show here outside and I really would love to see "Madonna" that of course I did not see because she opened the EMAs. I was really mad by this time.

Well, than we finaly were inside at the time of the "Hip-Hop" award. To arrive there we pass trough many tunnels including the cabinets of the world radio and world press from other countries and we even pass trough a little room with the clothes of the artists.

When I was inside I saw the "Black Eyed Peas" by the 2nd time, I saw also "Foo fighters" (including the interruption of Barrat) by the 2nd time and "Shakira" by the 3rd time.

On the afternoon I already had seen all the rehearsels of the awards and some of the stars.

About the bands that played live I saw "The Pussycat Dolls" just in my front (2 or 3 meters from me).

But the best for me was "Robbie Williams". The guy is awsome. He played on the main stage and I was just in front of him on the first row. Before he appeard on TV I saw him on the stage doing crazy things like the "Robot dance", hehe. Then finaly was his time. He played the new song and in the middle of the song he take of his coat and his ear piece. He put the jacket on the microfone and then the greast moment. He jumped to the audience. He jumped one metre from me, but this time I was not able to touch him. The security guards all jumped to take him out. I think by this time I flew. HAHA. It was awsome. The man is a show.

Finaly I saw "Madonna" to give the award to "Bob Geldof". She was really amazing and it was a great moment on television. Bob Geldof is a Sir that deserves everything that Madonna said abou him. As you know he was the man who made "Live Aid" in 1985/07/13 and "Live 8" in 2005/07/02.

I hated to see "System Of A Down" and all the "hip-hop" trash. But I also loved to see "Green Day".

I didn't spend one cent of one euro all day.

Well my final phrases of all the show is that I love almost everything. I didn't like to not see "Madonna" singing the new "Hung Up" song at the begining. But I love to see specially "Robbie Williams" and "Shakira" and even "Green Day" were awsome. I didn't like to see the "hip-hop" awards and all the "hip-hop".

To finalize I have to say that on the end of the show I was with 2 friends who bring me home. I arrive with 38,5 degrees celcius of fever.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

MTV Europe Music Awards 2005 (EMAs) in Lisbon, Portugal. Nov. 3rd.

This year's super glamorous MTV Europe Music Awards are nearly upon us, and your sexy ass could be there on the night...

The MTV Europe Music Awards 2005 (EMAs) will take place on November 3 in beautiful Lisbon in Portugal.

Performers on the night include Green Day, Madonna, Robbie Williams, Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas and Foo Fighters. And taking care of hosting duties – the world's favourite Khazakstani TV journalist Borat.
--- // ---
It is going to be amazing the MTV Europe Music Awards 2005.
I will be there. I went to a casting to be a screamer and I made it. I won an entrance for free. Hehe.
I want to see MADONNA, the goddess. I also would like to see Robbie Williams and Foo Fighters.
Black Eyed Peas are also cool.
I hope to have there a great time.

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Dolphins: The Oracles of the Sea.

As some of you might know I love dolphins. So here it is a little story about dolphins.

Dolphins: The Oracles of the Sea

Dolphins - The Oracles of the Sea

About the Authors
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Dolphins: The Oracles of the Sea

Humans have always found dolphins to be enchanting creatures. Ever since the days of the first seafarers, they have been the subject of numerous works of art, literature, and myth. They are among the most intelligent of animals, as some species have brain-to-body mass ratios equal to that of a human being. They are also mammals, having evolved from land-faring creatures tens of millions of years ago. They are known for their extremely gregarious behavior. This site is designed to be an interactive, educational introduction into the study of these majestic creatures.
Evolution, Taxonomy, and Species Page

Evolution, Taxonomy, and Species

This part of the site includes detailed information on the evolutionary history of dolphins, the division of the dolphin family into different genera and species, and the individual characteristics of each species. The differences between and special facets of the various species of dolphins are discussed with photos and distribution maps made available. Oceanic dolphins, river dolphins, and small, toothed whales are all discussed along with the taxonomic differences between them.
Anatomy Page


This section includes information on the anatomical features of dolphins, emphasizing the special adaptations that dolphins and other marine mammals have made to survive in a fully aquatic existence. In addition, the method used for propulsion is discussed in detail.
Behaviour Page


This section discusses the behavioural characteristics of dolphins, placing emphasis on their unusually high level of intelligence and on their use of communication and echolocation for navigation. How dolphins treat their young, and how they operate in groups are also discussed. Videos demonstrating dolphins' behaviour are available.
Human and Dolphin Relationship Page

The Relationship Between Humans and Dolphins

Various aspects of how humans and dolphins interact and have interacted in the past are discussed in this section. We have information on the exploitation of and man-made threats to dolphins, both in the past and in the modern day, and the efforts of various groups to conserve dolphins. In addition, the debate of whether keeping dolphins in captivity is discussed.