Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Spice Girls, 2008-01-08 - O2 Arena, London

Yesterday I was in London once again. this time to see the Spice Girls on the tour of 2007/2008. And it was an amazing show. The girls were really awsome. Very friendly ones to the others. I loved to see some of the solo songs specially the "I Turn To You" from Mel C.

Taken From: The Return of the Spice Girls in Wikipedia

Following is the full set list for the tour.

In comparison to previous tours, this tour is much more theatrical and encompassing. Previous tours saw the band members performing the hits in a seemingly random set list, with little focus on dancing, set and video material. This tour has a theme flowing throughout it, and it seems that songs are placed where they are in the set list for a reason, symbolising an event or mood. Set pieces are more heavily used, and the costumes are far more flamboyant and emphasised. I only wish Victoria Beckham could sang the "Live A Virgin" song complete.

The show opens with their signature song, Spice Up Your Life, before flowing through their biggest hits; it peaks with Who Do You Think You Are, when the members are wearing costumes which are all homages to their respective images. Geri wears an updated version of her iconic Union Jack dress, which completes the tribute of the performance to their performance at the Brit Awards 1997, which is seen by many to be the peak of 'Spicemania'. After this performance, the mood focuses on the girls' solo careers, with Victoria paying homage to her fashion career, and the rest performing the most known song they recorded, bar Mel B who performs a cover. Half way through the solo performances, the girls re-group to perform Viva Forever - the final song Geri performed with the group - and at the end of the song, Geri leaves the stage, obviously symbolising her leaving the group. The remaining four perform Holler, which after Geri returns and performs her solo.

After all the solos have been performed, the four girls return to perform Let Love Lead The Way, which is rumoured to have been written about Geri, after which Geri returns on stage, and the five walk down the catwalk holding hands, much to the applause of the audience. All five sing "Mama" and Goodbye, which however rumoured to have been written for Geri, was actually written by Geri among other members, before leaving the stage. The encore begins with If U Can't Dance, which has traditionally been the song the girls have opened with on previous tours, before finishing the show with Wannabe and a reprise of their opening song, Spice Up Your Life.

The girls have acknowledged that there is a theme running through the show, and that it is based on the history of the band.

1. Introduction
Act 1 - The Power of Five
2. "Spice Up Your Life"
3. "Stop"
4. "Say You'll Be There"
5. "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)"
Act 2 - Seduce Me
6. "The Lady Is A Vamp"
7. "Too Much" (jazz version)
8. "2 Become 1"
Act 3 - Bitter Sweet
9. "Who Do You Think You Are"
10. "Like A Virgin/Supermodel (You Better Work)" (Victoria Beckham solo catwalk)
11. "Are You Gonna Go My Way" (Melanie Brown solo)*
12. "Maybe" (Emma Bunton solo)*
13. "Viva Forever"
14. "Holler" (without Geri Halliwell)
15. "It's Raining Men" (Geri Halliwell solo)*
16. "I Turn To You" (Melanie Chisholm solo)*
Act 4 - Celebration
17. "Let Love Lead The Way" (without Geri Halliwell)*
18. "Mama"
19. Celebration Medley: "Celebration", "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)", "That's the Way (I Like It)", "We Are Family"
20. "Goodbye" (with Geri Halliwell)


1. "If U Can't Dance" (remix)
2. "Wannabe"
3. "Spice Up Your Life" (reprise)

* The solo songs are not full songs, but only the first verse, chorus, middle 8, chorus. Same thing applies with "Let Love Lead The Way".
* At the December 18th concert at London's O2 Arena, the group brought on all their children including Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz (all Victoria's sons), Phoenix Chi, Angel Iris (both Melanie B's daughters), and Beau (Emma's son) during the performance of 'Mama', with only Bluebell (Geri's daughter) missing.
* At the Las Vegas show, during the very last stop of their first North American Leg, Emma Bunton fell going up the stairs and hurt her ankle while performing "Spice Up Your Life". She made a full recovery afterwards.
* At the O2 on 02/01/08 Geri Halliwell confirmed that Mel B fell over on New Years Eve and twisted her ankle, so therefore would not be on top form dance wise that night.

The Spice Girls played for 1h42mn.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Smallville, 2001-10-16 / 20...

This is another of the best series for me that I ever saw.
I love the story of the young superman. Now the 7th series is on, is also awsome.

Here it is the Summary of "SMALLVILLE" from the official site:


Smallville tells the tale of a teenage Clark Kent in the days before he was Superman. It is the town where he came from where very strange things started happening with his arrival in a spaceship in the midst of a meteor storm of green rocks. Clark must deal with a variety of individuals given powers by the green rocks, keep his powers a secret, cope with his friendship with a young Lex Luthor, and balance the two girls in his life, Chloe and Lana. The show also shows us how Lex Luthor develops from a friend of Clark's and kinda-okay guy to (presumably) the villain who will plague Superman in his later years.