Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bon Jovi, #1’s, Firsts, And New Records Around The World

News from Official Bon Jovi Website


(Wednesday, June 27, 2007)
#1 Debut in Japan marks Bon Jovi’s 4th career #1 there – breaking Beatles’ record

#1 Debuts also on Billboard’s European Top 100, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Austria and Thailand

Clear Channel “Stripped” live performance goes up on record-breaking 602 radio station websites – sets new Clear Channel record

New “Uplugged” series premieres with triple broadcast on MTV, VH1 and CMT

Ten Nights on Sale at 18,000-seat Newark arena, The Rock (Oct. 25 through Nov. 10) – Bon Jovi’s ONLY tour dates of 2007

Biggest outdoor crowd in history of NBC’s Today Show Plaza in NYC– next tv appearance on Ellen (June 28-29th)

(June 27, 2007 – New York, NY) All the anticipation in the world paid off last week for Island Records group Bon Jovi, as their new album LOST HIGHWAY (released June 19th) gave the band the first #1 U.S. debut of their career on the Billboard 200, on opening week sales of more than 291,000 copies – their biggest-ever one-week sales total. LOST HIGHWAY also debuted #1 on Billboard’s Rock Albums chart, Billboard’s European Top 100 chart, in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, Thailand and Japan where Bon Jovi’s #1 chart debut gave them their 4th #1 career album – breaking the record which they shared with the Beatles, of three #1’s.

“LOST HIGHWAY is a career-defining collection of new songs that is resonating with Bon Jovi fans in a way that established a new standard of success for the band,” said Antonio “L.A.” Reid, Chairman, Island Def Jam Music Group. “Bon Jovi has once again proved that their loyal following not only transcends any changes in the marketplace, but in fact has grown in numbers. 2007 is shaping up as a monumental year in Bon Jovi’s history.”

As Soundscan album sales officially began at midnight, 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Bon Jovi’s “Stripped” live performance was put up on 602 Clear Channel radio station websites from coast-to-coast. The program features six live song videos – the new single, “(You Want To) Make A Memory,” the album title track, “Lost Highway,” “Wanted Dead Or Alive,” “Hallelujah,” “Whole Lot Of Leavin’,” and “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” – plus an exclusive interview.

The 602 stations – representing an on-air audience of 40 million across the Mainstream Rock, Classic Rock, Hot AC, Country, and News/Talk/Sports formats – marked an all-time record number of participating stations for a Clear Channel Stripped promotion. More than 1.1 million homepage impressions were logged altogether in the first 48 hours.

That same Tuesday morning, NBC’s Today Show announced that Bon Jovi drew the biggest outdoor audience in the show’s history, for the band’s live 4-song performance outside on the Plaza. TV continued for Bon Jovi on Wednesday morning, on ABC’s The View, which will be followed by two more dates on Ellen next week (June 28-29).

First week sales received a further boost with the premiere tv broadcasts of Bon Jovi’s “Unplugged” acoustic performances on MTV, VH1 and CMT – on June 22nd, 23rd and 24th (Friday through Sunday), respectively. Fans were treated to live acoustic versions of “(You Want To) Make A Memory,” “Lost Highway,” and a duet with guest LeAnn Rimes on another new album track, “Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore.” The All American Rejects joined Bon Jovi for a reprise of their classic “It’s My Life.” New arrange­ments (many of them featuring full strings accompaniment) were charted for many of Bon Jovi’s classic hits as well as some rarely-heard album cuts.

Across the river, New Jersey homeboys Bon Jovi will be the inaugural performers at The Rock, the brand new arena at Newark’s Prudential Center (new home of the Devils hockey team), with 10 nights starting October 25th – the band’s only tour dates of 2007. Ticket sales were so brisk for the first five shows (Oct. 25, 26, 28, 30 and Nov. 1) that five additional nights have been added (for Nov. 3, 4, 7, 9, 10).

Earlier this month, Bon Jovi partnered with Ticket­master for the first-ever advance concert ticket + digital album package presale. For a period of 10 days ending June 22nd, every concert ticket purchased through the exclusive online presale program was bundled with a digital download of LOST HIGHWAY. Tickets are available for purchase at

In April, Jon Bon Jovi and David Bryan served as mentors to the six finalists on “American Idol,” as seen by 30 million viewers. The performance of “(You Want To) Make A Memory” on the second night launched the album pre-sale at the website as well as the exclusive video premiere on AOL. LOST HIGHWAY follows the success of Bon Jovi’s record-breaking world tour and multi-platinum album Have A Nice Day, released September 2005.

Bon Jovi has sold over 120 million albums around the world and performed more than 2,500 concerts in over 50 countries for more than 32 million people.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chris Benoit, Bio

Height: 5 foot 11
Weight: 220 pounds
From: Atlanta (originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
Signature Move: Crippler Crossface
WWE Debut: Jan. 31, 2000
Trained By: Stu Hart
Career Highlights: World Heavyweight Champion; World Tag Team Champion; Intercontinental Champion; United States Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion; 2004 Royal Rumble Winner; WCW Tag Team Champion, WCW Television Champion; ECW Tag Team Champion

Two things you immediately notice about Chris Benoit: 1) he’s a man of few words, and 2) he’s one of the greatest technical wrestlers alive. Family and friends have always described him as “quiet” and “soft-spoken,” but his fellow WWE Superstars know better; they know that once Benoit steps inside the ring, he turns into the Rabid Wolverine, whose bite is infinitely worse than any bark.

“Wrestling has consumed my life,” he says. “It’s my mistress, my passion. It defines a lot of who I am as a person.”

It’s somehow fitting that this decorated WWE titleholder began defining himself in Edmonton, the Alberta-based “City of Champions,” as a 12-year-old attending his first live wrestling event at the Old Pavilion. He says that from the moment he saw the Dynamite Kid in ring action, “I wanted to be just like him.” When he wasn’t at home lifting the weights his parents gave him one Christmas, he was training on the football field or in the gym of Archbishop O’Leary High School (where his teachers would occasionally have to remind him to come to class). Or he was traveling with friends to wrestling venues throughout Edmonton and Calgary, becoming regular fixtures to the point where they often helped set up the ring and chairs.

Upon graduating high school, Benoit’s wrestling education ranged from months of torturous training in the renown Calgary “Dungeon” of the legendary Stu Hart, to years in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he’d meet best friends Dean Malenko (now a WWE producer) and the late Eddie Guerrero. Benoit’s toothless smile grows whenever he remembers meeting Eddie during New Japan’s Super J Cup Tournament Semifinals—and knocking him out with an enzugiri kick to the head. “That was the beginning of our friendship,” he laughs.

Despite his well-earned reputation for “toothless aggression,” the Rabid Wolverine is a paradox of sorts. He confesses to feeling “freaked out” after breaking Sabu’s neck at ECW’s November 2 Remember in 1994, and hearing then-ECW owner Paul Heyman refer to him as “The Crippler.” He recalls celebrating in the ring with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin almost more than his unlikely win at the 2004 Royal Rumble. (“For the first time in my life,” he admits, “I actually drank a whole beer.”) And it’s hard to believe that someone who made Triple H tap out to win the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX was originally “very nervous” about joining World Wrestling Entertainment four years earlier. “If you were ever going to make a name for yourself in this industry,” he explains, “WWE was the place to be.”

Chris Benoit has certainly made a name for himself here, and continues to do with every match. As for his missing front tooth, the Rabid Wolverine lost it while play-wrestling with his pet Rottweiler; the dog’s head collided with his chin, causing the tooth to pop out. If the Rottweiler was smart, he didn’t seek a rematch.

WRESTLING DEATH. Chris Benoit (1967-05-21, 2007-06-25).

Chris Benoit was found dead Monday in his home in Atlanta.
I will add here the official news from the wwe official site:

Link of Chris Benoit's dead news

Benoit's death part of a double murder-suicide
Written: June 25, 2007

According to lead investigator Lt. Tommy Pope, of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, in Fayetteville, Ga., the deaths of WWE Superstar Chris Benoit, wife Nancy and son Daniel were the result of a double murder-suicide, has learned.

Benoit failed to appear both at Saturday’s live event in Beaumont, Tx., and WWE’s Vengeance: Night of Champions in Houston Sunday night, after informing WWE of a family emergency. Several curious text messages sent by Benoit early Sunday morning prompted concerned friends to alert Richard Hering, VP of Government Relations for WWE, Inc. Hering, in turn, spoke with Fayette County sheriffs Monday, and requested that they respond to the Benoit residence to check on him and his family.

Authorities representing the Sheriff’s Department initially had a difficult time entering Benoit’s new Fayetteville home Monday afternoon, which had been guarded by two large German Shepherds roaming freely around the property. Once authorities entered the residence, they quickly located the bodies of Benoit, Nancy and Daniel. WWE was notified of the discovery at approximately 4 p.m.

At 10 p.m. Monday night, Lt. Pope held a press conference in conjunction with Scott Ballard, the district attorney for Fayette County. The press conference officially ruled authorities’ findings as a double murder-suicide from within the home.

WAGA, a FOX-owned and operated television station in Atlanta, reported that investigators believe Benoit killed his wife and 7-year-old son over the weekend, then himself on Monday.

The three bodies have been received by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s crime lab, in Decatur, Ga., where autopsies will be performed Tuesday morning. Toxicology reports will not become available for at least two weeks. has further information relating to both the investigation and the cause of death, but the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department has requested that not release any additional details at this time.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Bon Jovi, 2007-06-24 - O2 Arena, London

Yesterday, the 24th Of June 2007 I was in London to see Bon Jovi playing live at the new O2 Arena. It was an amazing show that sold out on the day the tickets went to sale. I stayed on: BK106, Row V, Seat 188, Entrance H. I only made it to buy the ticket last Thursday, the 21th of June. I was so happy to go to that show. The only show in Europe this year.

Here it goes the setlist of the amazing show:
1-Living On A Prayer
2-You Give Love A bad Name
3-Lost Highway
4-Whole Lot Of Living
6-Born To Be My Baby
7-It's My Life
8-(You Want To) Make A Memory
9-I Love This Town
10-We Got It Going On
11-Who Says You Can't Go Home
(In the middle of the song Bon Jovi played the beginning of the US National Antem).
12-I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
(At the end of the song several fan-girls jumped to the stage to dance)
13-Bad Medicine + Shot + presentation of the band: Bobbie Bandiera, Hugh McDonald, David Bryan (who had a little kiss from a fan), Maria Di Ponti , Perry Stevie (guitar player), Tico Torres e Richie Sambora. Jon was very cool when he presented Richie.

Encore 1
14-Any Other Day
15-Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
(With a little of "Here She comes" in the middle of the song!!! If I was mistake on the name of the music tell me the correct or send me your opinion).

Encore 2
17-The Last Night
18-Wanted Dead Or Alive
19-Keep The Faith

And it was 1h18 + 0h13 + 0h23 = 1h54
The O2 Arena is awsome. I think maybe 35000 people!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It was a STUNT. WWE Monday Night RAW, 2007-06-11

Some words from fans explaining what happened with Mr. Vince McMahon.

Last night’s stunt with Vince McMahon being blown up in the limousine was actually filmed Sunday evening. WWE brought in an outside stunt company to come in and set the entire thing up. The stunt was planned over the last two weeks, with WWE having to obtain a few permits.

When McMahon walked outside and got in the limo last night, it was live but they spliced the cable to show the taped footage. For fans coming out of the arena last night they had the burnt limo husk from the one used in the stunt on display. is going along with the storyline that forensic experts are examining the limo for the remains of Mr. McMahon’s body.

--- // ---

Mr. McMahon is NOT DEAD. Here's exactly what happened:

This was a stunt. When someone is about to do an extreme stunt, don't you think they'd be a little nervous and hesitate? Thats exactly what McMahon did. He walked around for a while. When he opened the car door and he finally sat down and FINALLY put his leg in the car (this is the hilarious part) "his leg" comes back out of the car. It WASN'T HIS LEG!! IT WAS A FAKE LEG WITH THE SAME KIND OF SHOE AND PANTS.

Once he got into the car he was already out of it. All he did was, kinda close the door so viewers couldn't see, put the "leg" out and pull like a string to close the door. Vince was out of the car when he pulled the string. He is 100% safe and I'm sure that he'll be back soon. He can't hide forever. His time just isn't now =) (like John Cena...just had to add that)

Hope this helped those wondering exactly what happened =)

WWE, Lead investigator to address media Thursday (today)

Lead investigator to address media Thursday
By Corey Clayton
Written: June 13, 2007 received word that the lead federal investigator in the Mr. McMahon limousine-explosion case will release a statement Thursday to bring the media up to speed on the investigation and its progress.

Mr. McMahon is presumed dead after his limo exploded outside the Wachovia Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Monday night after Raw. McMahon was seen on live television entering the vehicle moments before the explosion consumed the car. No body has been recovered yet from the burned-out vehicle.

Investigators combed Mr. McMahon’s private office at WWE headquarters early Wednesday, searching for any clues or information that would aid in the case. They took many boxes of evidence from the building, as well as McMahon’s personal computer. The site of Monday’s explosion is still cordoned off by investigators as a crime scene.

Mr. McMahon is DEAD!!! 2007-06-11

I couldn't believe it when I saw the WWE official site some minutes ago. Here it is the news from the official WWE site.

Outpouring continues
By Lennie DiFino
Written: June 13, 2007

For years Mr. McMahon’s bravado, coupled with his constant harassment of Superstars, created a major rift with our fans. But after the horrendous limo explosion on Raw, our fans have shown that regardless of his past transgressions, they still care about the man who vaulted sports-entertainment to where it is today.

In fact, the Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Police Department has been inundated with well-wishers in the wake of the McMahon tragedy, and Detective Lieutenant Will Clark told he has never seen the station busier.

“We have never in our time seen this amount of calls,” he said, “hands down this is the most ever.” Lt. Clark continued, “I would say the amount of attention we are getting is second to none.”

And just what are people looking for when they call the Wilkes-Barre Police Department? “Everyone is wondering about the progress of the investigation,” said Lt. Clark. He then told that the department itself has concerns because of the influx of calls they have taken. “We have had to utilize more manpower and resources than ever before because of the volume of calls through our station and the local 911 center.”

Such an outpouring from our fans around the world for Mr. McMahon shows that despite all his antics in the past, and although he made it his business to step on a few people on his way to the top, The Chairman might actually still have a place in the hearts of each and every fan.

Perhaps this response was foreshadowed by WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, who was in Wilkes-Barre Monday night as part of Mr. McMahon appreciation night. Rhodes’ words still eerily resonate with anyone who saw Raw or has followed this breaking news all week. “Mr. McMahon’s legacy is in this building,” Rhodes said. “You don’t have to love him, you do not have to like him, you do not even have to agree with his psychology of this industry; one thing we all have to do is respect him.”

Based on what was told by Lt. Clark, our fans seem to agree with the American Dream.

Love him or loathe him, the respect being shown by each and every fan in the wake of this tragedy shows that no matter how underhanded and mean-spirited Mr. McMahon has been over the years, he still will always be respected.

A morning of mourning for Mr. McMahon
By Corey Clayton
Written: June 12, 2007

STAMFORD, Conn. – After Monday’s horrific events on Raw, those “dark clouds” the Chairman once spoke of are now felt prominently in the halls and offices of WWE headquarters.

With Mr. McMahon presumed dead, the corporate flag on the roof of Titan Tower was lowered to half-staff Tuesday morning. The company McMahon built into a sports-entertainment giant began to mourn the passing of its leader and visionary.

Many WWE staffers are still suffering from the trauma of seeing their corporate leader’s limousine explode on live television just after Mr. McMahon entered it.

“I sat there stunned, not believing what I just saw,” said marketing employee Stefanie Granata. “Then I just cried. You just don’t realize how precious life is until something like this happens.”

Though federal officials at the scene have not recovered his body from the charred chassis of the limo, investigators believe that Mr. McMahon’s body could possibly have been incinerated in the blast.

Some WWE employees wore black clothing to express their sadness. Others have left flowers by the Chairman’s office door. And if you listen closely, faint sobbing can be overheard occasionally amongst the din of the phones, fax machines and printers.

Heather Lubin, a long-time marketing employee, said the loss is being felt hard around the Stamford offices – mostly because of the unexpected, unexplained nature of the tragedy.

“It’s hard to cope with this tragedy when there’s so many questions unanswered,” Lubin said. “Who could do such a thing to Mr. McMahon?”

As for Liz Montgomery, a WWE creative services employee, she hopes that everyone can come together and help each other cope with the shocking loss of the company’s heart and soul.

“He’ll be truly, truly missed,” Montgomery said. “Wherever he is now, I hope it’s in a good place. But we’re going to miss him terribly.”

Sunday, June 10, 2007

WWE RAW in Lisbon, 2007-06-08 and 09

WWE arrived to Portugal AGAIN, to Lisbon in the Atlantic Pavillion.
I saw Friday and Saturday 2 shows of WWE RAW.
The first day was a little boring but the second day, the show was amazing.
I will write below the results of the matches with the winners in Bold.


Justin Robertson was the host of the show

Chuck Palumbo vs. Kenny Dykstra

Chris Masters vs. Eugene

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdock vs. Cryme Time

Santino Marella vs. Johnny Nitro

Mickie James & Candice Michelle vs. Melina & Vitoria (with special referee Val Venis)


Carlito vs. Rick Flair

Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

John Cena vs. The Great Khali


Justin Robertson was the host of the show

Eugene vs. Kenny Dykstra

Chuck Palumbo vs. Chris Masters

Melina vs. Mickie James

Johnny Nitro vs. Val Venis

Santino Marella vs. Carlito


Candice Michelle talked a little and gave fans some WWE RAW t-shirts of the tour and Vitoria got in the ring and they change some insults.

The Great Khali vs. Cryme Time

Rick Flair & Jeff Hardy vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdock

John Cena vs. Randy Orton

This is the results of these 2 shows. You can see above the winners and losers and I will add some photos also later.