Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Why the best ones are the first to go???

Why people?
I just knew today that a friend had died yesterday.
I didn't spoke to her since last year. But she always was on my heart. She was a very close friend, she was a wife, a mother and an amazing woman.
Some years ago she had cancer and she recovered on the last years. But this year the things got worst and she couldn't resist. Yesterday was the day that she could not fight anymore.
I will always remember the day I met her in a Duran Duran live show here in Lisbon. I will never forget some days after the Lisbon show to have been with her and another great friend in Birmingham to see Duran Duran again.
She was a Duranie and a great Bon Jovi fan also.
I met her daughter and her husband and they are amazing.
She was one of a kind. I think I never met no one who was so friendly, so kind to others as her.
I will always miss you. Only some photos to remember you.
Believe me.