Sunday, February 18, 2007

I Was Born To Be A Star

Everyone is a star

Some aren't yet a star
Some are hidden some are not
Some are knowned some are not
Some are dead some are alive
Some were a star and now they aren't
Some were a star and still are
Some think they are a star but they are only a fake star

You wish you are a star and you aren't
You wish to be knowned and you don't do anything to be knowned
Just do it
Think about it and do something
Now is the time
Don't wait for tomorrow
Live on the present
Don't kill anyone
Don't kill yourself

Be patient
Be true
Don't be false
Think positive things
And your day will arrive

Sometimes just do something crazy
Paint your hair with more than one colour
And you will change at least till you paint it back to the almost natural colour
I did it

Why don't you try do something unsual?

My day will arriveSomeday I will be the star,
That could save my family