Thursday, June 14, 2007

It was a STUNT. WWE Monday Night RAW, 2007-06-11

Some words from fans explaining what happened with Mr. Vince McMahon.

Last night’s stunt with Vince McMahon being blown up in the limousine was actually filmed Sunday evening. WWE brought in an outside stunt company to come in and set the entire thing up. The stunt was planned over the last two weeks, with WWE having to obtain a few permits.

When McMahon walked outside and got in the limo last night, it was live but they spliced the cable to show the taped footage. For fans coming out of the arena last night they had the burnt limo husk from the one used in the stunt on display. is going along with the storyline that forensic experts are examining the limo for the remains of Mr. McMahon’s body.

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Mr. McMahon is NOT DEAD. Here's exactly what happened:

This was a stunt. When someone is about to do an extreme stunt, don't you think they'd be a little nervous and hesitate? Thats exactly what McMahon did. He walked around for a while. When he opened the car door and he finally sat down and FINALLY put his leg in the car (this is the hilarious part) "his leg" comes back out of the car. It WASN'T HIS LEG!! IT WAS A FAKE LEG WITH THE SAME KIND OF SHOE AND PANTS.

Once he got into the car he was already out of it. All he did was, kinda close the door so viewers couldn't see, put the "leg" out and pull like a string to close the door. Vince was out of the car when he pulled the string. He is 100% safe and I'm sure that he'll be back soon. He can't hide forever. His time just isn't now =) (like John Cena...just had to add that)

Hope this helped those wondering exactly what happened =)

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