Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mr. McMahon is DEAD!!! 2007-06-11

I couldn't believe it when I saw the WWE official site some minutes ago. Here it is the news from the official WWE site.

Outpouring continues
By Lennie DiFino
Written: June 13, 2007

For years Mr. McMahon’s bravado, coupled with his constant harassment of Superstars, created a major rift with our fans. But after the horrendous limo explosion on Raw, our fans have shown that regardless of his past transgressions, they still care about the man who vaulted sports-entertainment to where it is today.

In fact, the Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Police Department has been inundated with well-wishers in the wake of the McMahon tragedy, and Detective Lieutenant Will Clark told he has never seen the station busier.

“We have never in our time seen this amount of calls,” he said, “hands down this is the most ever.” Lt. Clark continued, “I would say the amount of attention we are getting is second to none.”

And just what are people looking for when they call the Wilkes-Barre Police Department? “Everyone is wondering about the progress of the investigation,” said Lt. Clark. He then told that the department itself has concerns because of the influx of calls they have taken. “We have had to utilize more manpower and resources than ever before because of the volume of calls through our station and the local 911 center.”

Such an outpouring from our fans around the world for Mr. McMahon shows that despite all his antics in the past, and although he made it his business to step on a few people on his way to the top, The Chairman might actually still have a place in the hearts of each and every fan.

Perhaps this response was foreshadowed by WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, who was in Wilkes-Barre Monday night as part of Mr. McMahon appreciation night. Rhodes’ words still eerily resonate with anyone who saw Raw or has followed this breaking news all week. “Mr. McMahon’s legacy is in this building,” Rhodes said. “You don’t have to love him, you do not have to like him, you do not even have to agree with his psychology of this industry; one thing we all have to do is respect him.”

Based on what was told by Lt. Clark, our fans seem to agree with the American Dream.

Love him or loathe him, the respect being shown by each and every fan in the wake of this tragedy shows that no matter how underhanded and mean-spirited Mr. McMahon has been over the years, he still will always be respected.

A morning of mourning for Mr. McMahon
By Corey Clayton
Written: June 12, 2007

STAMFORD, Conn. – After Monday’s horrific events on Raw, those “dark clouds” the Chairman once spoke of are now felt prominently in the halls and offices of WWE headquarters.

With Mr. McMahon presumed dead, the corporate flag on the roof of Titan Tower was lowered to half-staff Tuesday morning. The company McMahon built into a sports-entertainment giant began to mourn the passing of its leader and visionary.

Many WWE staffers are still suffering from the trauma of seeing their corporate leader’s limousine explode on live television just after Mr. McMahon entered it.

“I sat there stunned, not believing what I just saw,” said marketing employee Stefanie Granata. “Then I just cried. You just don’t realize how precious life is until something like this happens.”

Though federal officials at the scene have not recovered his body from the charred chassis of the limo, investigators believe that Mr. McMahon’s body could possibly have been incinerated in the blast.

Some WWE employees wore black clothing to express their sadness. Others have left flowers by the Chairman’s office door. And if you listen closely, faint sobbing can be overheard occasionally amongst the din of the phones, fax machines and printers.

Heather Lubin, a long-time marketing employee, said the loss is being felt hard around the Stamford offices – mostly because of the unexpected, unexplained nature of the tragedy.

“It’s hard to cope with this tragedy when there’s so many questions unanswered,” Lubin said. “Who could do such a thing to Mr. McMahon?”

As for Liz Montgomery, a WWE creative services employee, she hopes that everyone can come together and help each other cope with the shocking loss of the company’s heart and soul.

“He’ll be truly, truly missed,” Montgomery said. “Wherever he is now, I hope it’s in a good place. But we’re going to miss him terribly.”

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