Thursday, November 10, 2005

MTV EMAs 2005 in Lisbon, Portugal. Nov. 3rd. I was there.

Hi friends.

It is a while since I write here but some strange things are happening to me.
I'm going to tell you my day at the EMAs of MTV on the Atlantic Pavillion here in Lisbon.

On the 3rd of November (the great day of the show) I arrive there to the "Cast Audience" row a little after 2 o'clock pm. By this time I knew that already other cast audience winners are inside. When we were waiting we were given food and drinks. I waited and at about 3:30 I got in. I was checked in by giving my name and showing my id and I get a red wristband.
I knew by this time that Robbie williams had already did the rehearsal.

After I get in inside the pavillion I went with many people to the seatings just on the left side of the stage. Here I saw the rehearsal of "The Black Eyed Peas", of The "Foo Fighers" and of "Shakira". It was awsome to see them again live. Shakira did the rehearsal twice. COOL.

Than about 6:00 pm, my group people with red wristbands went outside the pavillion to the area of the "Red Carpet" where almost all the "stars" will pass. I stayed in a good place behind the portuguese TV camara "RTP1" and with the "Sky News" and "RTL" on the right side of the portuguese TV reporter. Our group was the only one to be here on the "Red Carpet". I was shot by the "RTP1" many of my frinds saw me on Live TV and I was shot also on the "Sky News" and other Countrys TV Stations.

A little time after 6pm all the famous people start to arrive. They entered very slow and some were interviewed by the portuguese TV Crew like "Shakira", "Robbie Williams", "Luis Figo" (the soccer player), a guy from the "Black Eyed Peas", "The Pussycat Dolls", "Nelly Furtado", "Rasmus", "Green Day", "Sugababes", "t.A.t.U.", "Craig David", "Akon" and some other famous people. It was really cool to see all this people passing by me. The only people that didn't pass there was "Madonna" and "Gwen Steffany".
When almost all the singers were interviewed by the camaras we started to thing their songs. It was a good time.

A little before 8 o'clock we (me and the other people with the red wristbands) were told that the show will start 10 minuts later. And that later someone from MTV will take us to inside the pavillion in front of the stages.
But I was really upset because we lose the first 30 minutes of the show here outside and I really would love to see "Madonna" that of course I did not see because she opened the EMAs. I was really mad by this time.

Well, than we finaly were inside at the time of the "Hip-Hop" award. To arrive there we pass trough many tunnels including the cabinets of the world radio and world press from other countries and we even pass trough a little room with the clothes of the artists.

When I was inside I saw the "Black Eyed Peas" by the 2nd time, I saw also "Foo fighters" (including the interruption of Barrat) by the 2nd time and "Shakira" by the 3rd time.

On the afternoon I already had seen all the rehearsels of the awards and some of the stars.

About the bands that played live I saw "The Pussycat Dolls" just in my front (2 or 3 meters from me).

But the best for me was "Robbie Williams". The guy is awsome. He played on the main stage and I was just in front of him on the first row. Before he appeard on TV I saw him on the stage doing crazy things like the "Robot dance", hehe. Then finaly was his time. He played the new song and in the middle of the song he take of his coat and his ear piece. He put the jacket on the microfone and then the greast moment. He jumped to the audience. He jumped one metre from me, but this time I was not able to touch him. The security guards all jumped to take him out. I think by this time I flew. HAHA. It was awsome. The man is a show.

Finaly I saw "Madonna" to give the award to "Bob Geldof". She was really amazing and it was a great moment on television. Bob Geldof is a Sir that deserves everything that Madonna said abou him. As you know he was the man who made "Live Aid" in 1985/07/13 and "Live 8" in 2005/07/02.

I hated to see "System Of A Down" and all the "hip-hop" trash. But I also loved to see "Green Day".

I didn't spend one cent of one euro all day.

Well my final phrases of all the show is that I love almost everything. I didn't like to not see "Madonna" singing the new "Hung Up" song at the begining. But I love to see specially "Robbie Williams" and "Shakira" and even "Green Day" were awsome. I didn't like to see the "hip-hop" awards and all the "hip-hop".

To finalize I have to say that on the end of the show I was with 2 friends who bring me home. I arrive with 38,5 degrees celcius of fever.

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Raquel said...

i am SO jelous... honestly.. I know jelousy isnt a good feeling, but I really am.. knowing I could have been there too... AAAAAAAARGH!
But great review, and glad you had fun =)