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The Walking Dead, 2014-12-12 - National Report, AMC’s The Walking Dead Agrees To Bring Beth Greene Back To Life

AMC’s The Walking Dead Agrees To Bring Beth Greene Back To Life

Posted December 12, 2014 at 10:41 am

Emily Kinney
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Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead were in uproar after the mid-season finale “Coda”, when long-standing survivor Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) was “accidentally” shot and killed by Dawn Lerner (Christine Woods). Fans are so upset about the death of Beth, they’ve started a petition to deliver to TWD Producers, which has already received over 50,000 signatures, demanding they resurrect the teenage girl. It appears the production team is listening, and has agreed to bring Beth Greene back to life.

Viewers have cried in outrage about Beth’s death, saying that Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) could have, and should have, saved her. Yes, he shot Dawn in retaliation for killing Beth, but the fans say that is not enough. Not only have the petitioners gained impressive steam on the petition, but they have also been sending plastic spoons with their favorite “Beth Quotes” written on them, to the show’s production offices, to drive the point.

Joshua Warren, spokesperson for FOX Networks, says he agrees with fans that Beth’s storyline still has major potential, and that her death only occurred to further Daryl’s path on the show. Warren is in support of the petition to bring her back, saying that he’s already signed it himself, and is happy that producers are at least taking a second look at their decision to terminate the character.

The Beth Greene Deserved Better Facebook Page calls the petition a “movement”, and has also began spearheading other campaigns, such as assembling a coalition of fans to send Thank You cards to Emily Kinney. Social media is ablaze with support for Beth, as Twitter and Instagram accounts are also being created in throws to aid in the resurrection of Beth.

Sources report that TWD executive producer Robert Kirkman has been putting in overtime with AMC and FOX networks to figure out how he can re-write Beth into the series. Rumors state that Kirkman is scheming to have Beth’s death be all in the dreams of Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). It’s the only strategy that will likely work, as Carol is in love with Daryl, and knows that Beth is a threat to that. It is beyond logical for Carol to have dreamed of Beth’s demise.

While it is difficult to receive comment from Kirkman himself, sources say he’s openly admitted he’s “working on it” when asked about bringing Beth back to life on the show. It seems that The Walking Dead fans are winning the Beth Greene battle.

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