Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Emily Kinney - Kids, Julie (Live), Be Good & Rockstar

The four videos of the amazing Emily Kinney
("The Walking Dead" Seasons 2 to 5, 48 episodes, 2011-2014)

Love her voice. Just a different sound from the usual out there, believe me.

Published on Nov 25, 2013
Music video for "Kids" off Expired Love.
Emily Kinney - Kids

Published on Jul 16, 2014
"Julie" from the Expired Love EP, live from Atlanta, GA EP release party.
Emily Kinney - Julie (Live)

Published on Oct 12, 2014
Music video for "Be Good" off Expired Love.
Emily Kinney - Be Good

Published on Dec 9, 2014
Music video for "Rockstar".
Emily Kinney - Rockstar

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