Monday, April 16, 2007

Shakira, 2007-04-04, Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon

I saw this month for the 3rd time Shakira live here in Lisbon and always on the "Pavilhão Atlântico".

I saw her in 2003, 2005 on the EMAs of MTV and now again in 2007. On the 2005 EMAs of MTV she only played one song: "Don't Bother".

This was the best show of Shakira I saw. She was really amazing. Sing many amazing songs with the old spanish ones and the new english and spanish ones. She played for 95 minutes.

I arrived at the Pavillion at 7h15 a.m. on that day and there were already fans in there. 3 girls were there since Monday and another boy since tuesday. The show was on a wednesday.

It was a very cool day. I appeard on a video of "".

When I went to the pavillion I stayed on first row on the middle. Very nice spot to see all the show and to take many amazing photos.

I will add on a next post 3 videos I made with the best photos I took on that day.

Setlist of the show:
1. Estoy Aquí
2. Te Dejo Madrid
3. Don't Bother
4. Illegal
5. Inevitable
6. Si Te Vas
7. Obtener Un Sí
8. La Tortura
9. No
10. Whenever/Wherever (Spanglish)
11. La Pared
12. Underneath Your Clothes
13. Pies Descalzos, Sueños Blancos
14. Ciega Sordomuda

15. Ojos Así
16. Hips Don't Lie

PS: A very funny fact;
Shakira before "La Tortura" said "Chegou a hora de mexer o esqueleto". Hehe, so cool. I was laughing so hard you can't believe it. Really awsome how she said this.

And when she was doing the Band Introdution, she didnt knew how to say "bass" in portuguese, so she said "E agora no baixo (and now in the bass)", and looked to us, like asking "Did i said it right?" and we afirmed with the head. But than she repeated and said "Então no bajo", and we yelled "BAIXO", and she asked "Baixo? ok", and than she said "Então, no bajo John Button (so, in the bass John Button)", and we were all like "DUHHHH".

In portuguese almost perfect, Shakira thank the presence of everyone and told her first little love story, when she with 4 years old fall in love with a boy of 5, her parents didn't like that idea. After that small story Shakira sang "Illegal"

One time in the middle of the show Shakira ask everyone to sing: "Parabéns a você" (Happy Birthday) (in portuguese) to one of the band guitarrists: Tim Mitchell. "A alma do grupo" like Shakira said. He is going to have a b-day on the day after the show. 5th of April.

PS2: By the way I received a "pick" (palheta in portuguese) from Tim Mitchell after the show. With his sign name and Shakira written on top. Very cool.

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