Tuesday, March 27, 2007

WT, 2007-03-24, Paradise Garage, Lisbon

Last Saturday I was in one of the most amazing live shows I ever was.
It was my first show of one of my favourite bands, Within Temptation.
The place: Paradise Garage in Lisbon, Portugal. 800 people sold out the place.
During the afternoon I was with all the members of the band twice, near 13h and near 15h. Only Robert I couldn't see. I have photos with all and autographs with all (not with Robert).
At 13h more or less I gave Sharon a kiss. Ir was really awsome. She was very friendly and all the other members of the band also.
I never saw a band who did what WT did like this. They talk with us, take photos with us and gave autographs many times without being boring.
I will never forget.
I already knew they were like this with fans because in the dvds we can see how they are.
Inside the Paradise Garage almost the time to begin. WT appeard at 21h18 and started with an amazing show, "Our Solemn Hour" it was the beginning. The fans started to sing all the songs they were playing.
After WT ended a song during the concert I show Sharon the portuguese flag and she stretch her right hand and I throw the flag to her. Sharon used the flag around her and everybody started to scream for Portugal.
They rest for 2 minutes before playing the encore. And finish with "Ice Queen". the show ended at 22h58.
At the end of the show when she and all the members of the band thank the audience she was with the flag again. Very cool.
I have some cool photos of me with the members of WT and I also have some photos of them playing live in the Paradise Garage.
Soon I will add some photos. Hope you will enjoy.
I have at least 180 photos but only 70 are more or less good. In the new post of photos I will add the best ones.
What an amazing show it was. I hope to see WT again real soon. Within Temptation already told that they will come here again to a bigger show at Summer, Outumn, or Winter time.

Setlist of the show:
1. Our Solemn Hour
2. The Howling
3. Frozen
4. Stand My Ground
5. Forsaken
6. The Cross
7. What Have You Done
8. The Heart of Everything
9. Mother Earth
10. Angels
11. Hand Of Sorrow
12. All I Need
13. Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)
14. The Truth Beneath The Rose

15. Deceiver of Fools
16. Memories
17. Running Up That Hill
18. Ice Queen

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