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Shawn Michaels def. Mr. McMahon (No Holds Barred Match) April 2, 2006

One of the most expected fights. Mr. McMahon (The President of WWE) since the day after Christmas 2005 that is trying to make HBK (Shawn Michaels) a living HELL. Below is what happend in Wrestlemania with Shawn Michaels.

PS: Shawn Michaels (HBK - Heartbreak Kid) is and always was my favourite wrestler of all time. He is one of the favourite of all fans since ever. He has all the titles that WWE already had and have. The biggest match of "HBK" for me was "The Iron Man Match" in Wrestlemania XII against "Bret The Hitman Hart" in 1996. "The Hitman" was the World Champion and lose for "HBK". It was the first World Title for HBK (I think!!!).

Shawn Michaels def. Mr. McMahon (No Holds Barred Match)
April 2, 2006

Before sending Shawn Michaels on his hellish journey, Mr. McMahon demanded the return of the “old HBK.” After their No Holds Barred Match at WrestleMania, McMahon may be wishing he had let sleeping dogs lie.

The capacity Chicago crowd witnessed a side of Michaels that has long been absent — the “DX Attitude” side. On multiple occasions, HBK passed up opportunities to put away the massive, ripped Mr. McMahon. Instead, each time Michaels chose to inflict further damage and humiliation. All the while, Shane McMahon looked on helplessly while handcuffed to the ring ropes.

The first time, Michaels “tuned up the band” but stopped short. He then went under the ring to fetch a ladder, which he used to smash McMahon squarely in the head. The impact ripped McMahon wide open and blood gushed down his face. Michaels set up “Sweet Chin Music” again, but stopped short to get a trash can and table.

HBK was then set to hit his flying elbow smash from atop a ladder but instead turned back to retrieve an inconceivably tall ladder. HBK then placed a trash can over the head and chest of Mr. McMahon, placed him atop a table and scaled the massive ladder in the corner. Michaels sealed McMahon’s fate with a DX chop, then plummeted from the ladder, dropping an elbow through the trash can into the face of McMahon, with the impact sending them both through the table. The trash can was so badly dented that the referee frantically called for help, fearing that the jagged metal could have sliced into McMahon’s head or cut off the flow of oxygen.

A vengeful HBK prevented ringside medical personnel from reaching Mr. McMahon. Michaels had seemingly transformed right before the fans’ eyes into the HBK of old. Michaels finally finished Mr. McMahon with a superkick to mercifully end the match. Mr. McMahon was wheeled out on a gurney, but the ever-defiant WWE Chairman shot middle fingers in HBK’s direction as he was wheeled up the ramp.

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GK said...

"Shawn Michaels (HBK - Heartbreak Kid) is and always was my favourite wrestler of all time."
O meu também! Que giro!