Friday, May 05, 2017

Simple Minds 2017-05-05 Facebook Official, Some Words From Lisbon - A Night Overflowing With Energy


They opened with "New Gold Dream" and not a minute after stepping on stage, Jim Kerr was already giving a hand to an element of the audience. He knelt down, rolled the microphone in the air and realized that this would be an unusual acoustic concert. In the second minute of action, the singer walked out the side area of ​​the stage and into the enclosure by the access door to the audience. He came to greet his admirers! Never stop singing, allowed to hold and shoot for who approached him. He came along to the control room to greet people who were on the balcony and wave to the boxes and then returned to the stage.

The concert was held in great excitement, Jim Kerr thrilled the audience out of the chairs to dance. "See the Lights", "Glittering Prize", "Mandela Day" and "Chelsea Girl" were the themes that followed.

In between, the singer shared moments with the audience in a relaxed and fun approach. He began by making fun of his own Scottish accent thick as "the real James Bond, Sean Connery, you see?".

He then toyed with the huge chandelier hanging over the stage, only decorative element of the scenario. also recalled the first pass through our country in Cascais, a Peter Gabriel's opening concert. Between laughs, the singer said he made the drive from Glasgow to here. At the time, "was all drugs, it is now smothies and sushi-Pushi" ... he says.

Before "Stand by Love" explained that this idea of ​​doing an acoustic format emerged 20 years ago. "The idea took ...". The greatest fear of the band was that the result was a boring concert. Far from it, and this set is closer to pop rock, it continued with "Someone Somewhere in Summertime."

A more serene moment began with "Waterfront." This was followed by a tribute to David Bowie, during which called Gordy Goudie ahead, to sing "Andy Warhol". He spared no praise for the guitarist. He explained that, in the most difficult moments, Gordy always been there for the band. Then handed the microphone to Sarah Brown, voice choir, which ensured an interesting version of the original theme of Patti Smith's "Dancing Barefoot".

One of the issues that could not miss in the alignment was "Do not You Forget About Me." All accompanied feet. Arms air letter more than decorated. The party continued with "Sanctify Yourself" and gave a brief withdrawal of the band.

Returning for the encore, Jim Kerr respond to repeated requests for "Alive & Kicking". "Yes ... but we still want to sing some tunes other before." For "Promised You a Miracle" he calls KT Tunstall, the singer who secured the first part of the concert. KT also participated in the recording of the album Acoustic and Jim says that as soon as the singer went into the studio, "was she who dictated the rules."

No big surprise, but with genuine emotion, the night ended with "Alive & Kicking". Translation of an acoustic concert is for the Simple Minds, something that goes beyond the idea of ​​a room covered with candle lights.

It is a night to overflowing energy in you realize that they really like what they do and especially the contact with the public. The concert took place at the Coliseum, but the environment he felt was closer to the stage of euphoria.

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