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Eve Hewson, 2015-02-28 -, Bono's daughter's a hit with Hanks & Spielberg

Bono's daughter's a hit with Hanks & Spielberg

Eve Hewson
Eve Hewson

BONO’s daughter Eve Hewson is set to become a household name in America by starring alongside Tom Hanks in a new Steven Spielberg movie.

Our exclusive pictures show the Dubliner on the set of her new film St James Place.

And what is more than ironic about the flick is that it’s centred around the story of the U2 spy plane – after which her superstar father’s group is named.

Eve (23), was also pictured with her older sister Jordan and mum Ali at New York Fashion Week on Sunday at a showcase for Edun, the ethical clothing line Ali created with her husband Bono several years ago.

Among the writers of St James Place are Oscar winning film-makers Joel and Ethan Coen.

The movie is based on the 1960 U2 spy plane incident, the true story of James Donovan, a U.S. attorney who lost his reputation and was branded a communist after defending a Russian spy, only to be asked by the CIA to go behind the Berlin Wall and meet with the KGB to negotiate the release of downed pilot Gary Powers.

Most of the movie was shot in Brooklyn, New York, and Eve plays Tom Hanks’s daughter Jan Donovan, who ends up falling for a young law associate. Also starring in the movie are Amy Ryan – pictured with Tom and Eve – and former MASH star Alan Alda.

The film is due out in October.

Although Eve’s parents were against her becoming an actress, she made her debut in 2005 alongside her sister Jordan in the short film Lost and Found.

“I basically said to my dad that, look, I’m just as passionate about movies as you were about music, and when you were 18 you wouldn’t let anyone stop you so you’ve gotta let me do this,” she explained.

“He didn’t take no for an answer when he was 18, so I have that in my genes. I went to school and I studied it and I wanted to learn about it.”

Eve made her feature length debut in 2008 in The 27 Club.

The same year, she took part in an acting programme at the New York Film Academy.

Her first big break came when she was cast in the 2011 indie flick This Must Be the Place, in which she played the daughter of Sean Penn − who, interestingly enough, played an ageing rock star.

Her biggest role to date has been in critically acclaimed romantic comedy Enough Said. She played Tess, the vapid teenage daughter of the late Sopranos star James Gandolfini.

Eve is also well known to Irish fans of The Script as she appeared in their video For The First Time.

In July 2013, Jack Quaid of The Hunger Games and Eve asked fans to help them fund a new film called Roadies using crowdsourcing.

Eve currently lives in Brooklyn. She received her drama degree from New York University in May 2013 and can currently be seen alongside Clive Owen in the American TV medical series The Knick.

It is set in 1900 and tells of how doctors and nurses struggle to treat patients without modern medicine techniques.

Eve admits she understood her parents’ concerns about her future.

“I honestly don’t think they would have been good parents if they weren’t wary of me entering the entertainment industry,” she points out.

“They wanted to make sure I really knew what I was signing up for and that I was serious.

“They saw that I was being relentless, that I wasn’t stopping just because someone said no one time. I think they respected that I was committed to it.”

Eve also insists that a famous father didn’t help her secure any Hollywood roles.

“What’s great about Hollywood is that it is so cutthroat, and it really f**king doesn’t matter who you are.

“No director is going to sacrifice their film because they want someone’s famous kid in it for a headline.”

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