Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Jennifer Lopez, 2012-10-05 - Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon

Fri, Oct 5, 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal @ Pavilão Atlântico

Day of the first show of the tour. October 5.
The tour of Jennifer Lopez is: "Dance Again World Tour". Today and yesterday (rehearsals day) the 2 shows were shot for the Tour DVD.

Finally was time for Jennifer Lopez. She played for 88 minutes.

It was an awesome show. It was awesome for me to have a chance to see her twice in a row. Even the same show (October 4 rehearsal with more 4 songs). And I only payed for one day.

Here it is the setlist:

Never Gonna Give Up (Video Intro)
01. Get Right
02. Love Don't Cost a Thing
03. I'm Into You
04. Waiting for Tonight
Louboutins (Video Interlude)
05. Goin' In
06. I'm Real
07. All I Have
08. Feelin' So Good
09. Jenny from the Block
10. Baby I Love You (Video)
11. Hold It Don't Drop It
12. If You Had My Love (Acoustic)
13. Until it Beats No More
14. Let's Get Loud
15. Papi
16. On the Floor
17. Dance Again

In bold are the videos I made.

Videos of Jennifer Lopez rehearsals (6 videos):

Jennifer Lopez-Love Don't Cost A Thing, Lisbon, PT, 2012-10-05
And the video:

Jennifer Lopez-I'm Into You + Waiting For Tonight, Lisbon, PT, 2012-10-05 HD
And the video:

Jennifer Lopez-Jenny From The Block, Lisbon, PT, 2012-10-05 HD
And the video:

Jennifer Lopez-Until It Beats No More, Lisbon, PT, 2012-10-05 HD
And the video:

Jennifer Lopez-On The Floor, Lisbon, PT, 2012-10-05 HD
And the video:

Jennifer Lopez-Dance Again, Lisbon, PT, 2012-10-05 HD
And the video:

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