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Bryan Adams, 2011-12-15 - Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon

Thu, Dec 15, 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal @ Pavilhão Atlântico

Arrive there at 06h45 in the morning and already there were 3 girls there. I knew one Ana Matos. Had known her at optimus alive to 30 Seconds To Mars.

Near 08h00 started coming my friends that I knew fanatics by Bryan Adams including 2 of my London friends Carla and Cris (super fans of Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi and Duran Duran).

During the day many people were coming slowly because it was a weekday. Around 17h00 was when a lot of people began to arrive. And as you know this show was already sold out for three months. Around 20,000 people were at the Atlantic Pavilion.

We get inside close to 19h00. And Bryan Adams began playing at 21h12, ended at 23h33, played 26 songs.

Between the time we entered 19h00 and till the concert started at 21h12, the RFM had a DJ playing music ROCK. And the GIANT screen behind the stage were passing the TWEETS of everyone who put the Twitter login of Bryan Adams which is @BryanAdams. I sent several messages on twitter with login BA who passed the screen. Including some messages to Neusa and Estela. I know they saw it because they also replied in tweet and were on the screen, hehe. I met several friends of mine who were tweeting on the big screen, some in the first balcony, others in the second balcony and even others behind me on the floor.

Was funny reading the tweets of the fans, from marriage proposals to divorces and even accepting the proposals, hehe. And of course many tweets to ask Bryan to play this or that song. I sent a tweet to login dj RFM asking Bon Jovi and then we on the front row asked the DJ to look back, he looked up and saw my request. Hehe. Immediately afterwards played Bon Jovi and a little later put another song of Bon Jovi. I think first were "You Give Love A Bad Name" and then "Livin On A Prayer" (rock versions).

Occasionally the DJ started to put songs from BRYAN ADAMS but as he could not play them he stop immediately. But whenever he put a few seconds of the beginning of BA songs all the audience started to make noise.

I was the first to get inside Pavilhão Atlântico and choose the middle of front row, hehe. I have awesome photos. Have 90 photos and 16 videos of 17 songs. The videos are very good. This time I don't have the videos on youtube for you guys seeing as Bryan Adams had asked a company to not let anyone put it on youtube videos shot by fans. It was the first time this has happened to me. It took me over 5 hours to put the 16 videos on youtube and after two warnings I had to deleted them from my channel because my youtube account could be suspended. I'm sorry you can not see them because they are very good.

This concert was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1991 album "Waking Up The Neighbours" so he played more songs from that album.

By the way a detail that I think a lot of people did not know. When Bryan Adams marked this concert December 15, a few weeks later marked a new date for the 16th. The 16th was also on his official site and all the 2 dates (also for only a day). But this concert December 16 had to be canceled because one of the band members (who I do not know who it was) could not be present so Bryan Adams chose not to mark the new date.

Finally was time for Bryan Adams. He played for 141 minutes.
It was one of the best concerts I've ever seen of Bryan Adams. It was really excellent.

Some details about some songs:

14. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
Bryan Adams sang in the middle of the stage with a laser focus coming from up the stage and surround him. He always played inside the circle of the laser and from time to time put his hand out of the laser and the effect was very nice.

18. When You're Gone
As usual in this music Bryan Adams always calls a girl from the public. This time called one tiny but very cute blonde on the right side (for those who see the stage from the front) of the first balcony or the audience. The girl said it was from Coimbra. Bryan Adams asked her if she really knew how to sing the song and she said yes. It was really nice because she sang all the lyrics without mistakes. She jumped several times and in the end Bryan Adams grabbed her with the guitar between them. And offered her and her friends merchandising stuff. At the end BA asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said no and turned to the audience and told her she had many choices here.

Keith Scott (guitarist) was really excellent. On several songs "played" with the guitar. Threw it to his back, played on top of his head, even lying on the floor and legs in the air, it was funny, hehe. Bryan Adams and Keith Scott in many songs were playing on the sides of the stage almost on the first balcony.

Mickey Curry (drums) on one song went to the front of the drums with pots (as Bryan said it was the kitchen of Mickey), haha. Very cool. Keith Scott also played alongside Mickey Curry in pots and Bryan and another guitarist were on the other side just laughing. But Mickey Curry gave it all there. Spectacular.

Before "Straight from the Heart" Bryan made ​​a great speech (I have the full speech and the music in video). The speech was telling some usual things. But this time he said some more things. First said he had lived here (as you know lived in Birre, near Cascais by chance near one of the houses of my father). He began to tell the story of the first time he played here in Portugal in a small club and then the second time in the Benfica Stadium (these were the unique 2 times I have not seen here in Lisbon). After that I've seen him 11 times (always in Lisbon, counting this show) starting in 1991 in the old Alvalade Stadium. Ending in Maxime in 2008 and now at the Atlantic Pavilion in 2011.

I will write here the setlist:

01. House Arrest
02. Somebody
03. Here I Am
04. All I Want Is You
05. Can't Stop This Thing We Started
06. Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven
07. I'm Ready
08. Hearts on Fire
09. Do I Have to Say the Words?
10. 18 til I Die
11. Back to You
12. Summer of '69
13. If You Wanna Leave Me (Can I Come Too?) / Touch The Hand
14. (Everything I Do) I Do It for You
15. Cuts Like a Knife
16. It's Only Love (Bryan Adams & Tina Turner cover)
17. Depend on Me
18. When You're Gone (Bryan Adams & Melanie C cover) (With girl from audience on stage)
19. Heaven
20. The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You
21. Cloud #9
22. Run to You
23. There Will Never Be Another Tonight
Bryan solo on stage - Acoustic
24. The Way You Make Me Feel (Ronan Keating cover)
25. Straight from the Heart
26. All for Love (Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting cover)

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