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30 Seconds To Mars, 2010-12-16 - Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon

Thu, Dec 16, 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal @ Pavilhão Atlântico

I went to Pavilhão Atlântico in Lisbon to see 30 Seconds To Mars live (Into The Wild Tour).

Before "30 Seconds To Mars" in Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon played the band "More Than A Thousand".

Took some photos and videos of 30 Seconds To Mars from the stage.

A big day for me. Went as VIP to see one of my favorite bands "30 Seconds To Mars" (Jared Leto @JaredLeto, Shannon Leto @ShannonLeto and Tomo Milicevic @tomofromearth).
Arrived at Pavilhão Atlântico near 16:00. Went to a back door to get in with other VIP fans around 17:00. We got in the Pavillion after 18:00.
Bought some merchandising and then went to the left side of the stage.
After the first band (More Than A Thousand) ended playing, me and the other VIP fans went to the stage through the left side and stayed there all concert just a few meters from Tomo. It was a different way to see the show for me. Never been on stage watching a show like that. Loved to see Jared singing with the complete audience in front of him. You can check my photos below to see where I was.
On the last song "Kings and Queens" me and the VIP fans went to the back of Jared on stage. It was awesome. I was behind Jared on stage. Jared with his blue hair. Also have some photos of that moment.
After the song was the end of the show but not for us, VIP fans. We went to a room where the 3 members of the band appeard. They met and spoke to everyone. Jared talked a little to me, said a joke or something. Was very cool. After they talk to us they took a photo with each and everyone of us. Have the photo next. I stayed with my eyes closed but even though it was awesome.

We had 1 band before 30 Seconds To Mars ("More Than A Thousand").

The band was More Than A Thousand. They played for 34 minutes. I didn't like them.

Finally was time for 30 Seconds To Mars. They played for 108 minutes.

"30 Seconds To Mars" were amazing. They played 17 songs. I made 6 complete videos with 9 songs.

Here it is the setlist:

01. Escape
02. Night of the Hunter
03. A Beautiful Lie
04. Attack
05. Search And Destroy
06. Vox Populi
07. This Is War
08. 100 Suns
09. Closer To The Edge
10. L490
11. From Yesterday (Acoustic)
12. Alibi (Acoustic)
13. Bad Romance (Acoustic) (Lady Gaga cover)
14. The Kill (Bury Me) (started on Acoustic)
15. The Fantasy
16. Hurricane
17. Kings and Queens (with Stage of Mars)

In bold are the videos I made.

Videos of 30 Seconds To Mars (9 songs in 6 videos):

30 Seconds To Mars-Vox Populi, Lisbon, PT, 2010-12-16
And the video:

30 Seconds To Mars-This Is War + 100 Suns, Lisbon, PT, 2010-12-16
And the video:

30 Seconds To Mars-Closer To The Edge, Lisbon, PT, 2010-12-16
And the video:

30 Seconds To Mars-From Yesterday (Ac) + Alibi (Ac), Lisbon, PT, 2010-12-16
And the video:

30 Seconds To Mars-Bad Romance + The Kill (Bury Me), Lisbon, PT, 2010-12-16
And the video:

30 Seconds To Mars-The Fantasy, Lisbon, PT, 2010-12-16
And the video:

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