Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Britney Spears, 2009-06-07 - O2 Arena, London

I was in London to see 2 amazing shows by Britney Spears (Saturday and Sunday).

First part of Britney Spears was by "Ciara". She played for 25 minutes.

The securities of the O2 Arena didn't allow me to enter with my camera on this show so I don't have photos or videos of this show. On the first day my camera got in and I made some videos and photos. But even without photos or videos it was a great show by Britney Spears.

Setlist of Britney Spears was the same as the day before:


- Perez/Parade Intro
1. Circus (Funky Remix)
2. Piece of Me
- Thunderstorm Segue
3. Radar

HOUSE OF FUN (Anything Goes)

- Martial Arts Segue
4. & 5. Ooh Ooh Baby/Hot as Ice
6. Boys
7. If U Seek Amy
8. Me Against the Music (Bollywood)


- Everybody's Looking for Something Segue
9. Freakshow
10. Get Naked
- Britney's Hotline
11. & 12. Breathe on Me/Touch of My Hand


- Break the Ice Segue
13. Do Something
14. Slave
- Dancer Solo Segue/Heartbeat Segue
15. Toxic
16. Baby One More Time (Remix)


17. Womanizer (Extended Remix)
18. Circus Reprise: The Bow

Next post is about Michael Jackson's Dead on June 25th 2009.

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