Friday, January 04, 2008

Smallville, 2001-10-16 / 20...

This is another of the best series for me that I ever saw.
I love the story of the young superman. Now the 7th series is on, is also awsome.

Here it is the Summary of "SMALLVILLE" from the official site:


Smallville tells the tale of a teenage Clark Kent in the days before he was Superman. It is the town where he came from where very strange things started happening with his arrival in a spaceship in the midst of a meteor storm of green rocks. Clark must deal with a variety of individuals given powers by the green rocks, keep his powers a secret, cope with his friendship with a young Lex Luthor, and balance the two girls in his life, Chloe and Lana. The show also shows us how Lex Luthor develops from a friend of Clark's and kinda-okay guy to (presumably) the villain who will plague Superman in his later years.

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