Monday, October 29, 2007

Enrique Iglesias, 2007-10-28 Pavilhão Atlantico, Lisboa

Hi people last month I went to see Enrique Iglesias for my 2nd time and it was a great show.
Enrique live is really awsome. He played only 80 minutes. But it was a very funny show.
One time Enrique ask for a portuguese "couple" from the VIP area to go on stage and sit on a sofa with him and the band. It was very cool to see the portuguese guy really drunk and asking the girl to marry him. Of course she said yes.
The first time I saw Enrique Iglesias was at the same Pavillion on the 27th of April 2002. That time he played for 82 minutes but he played more spanish songs on that 2show.


1-Ring My Bells
2-Love To See You Cry
4-Don't Turn Off The Lights
5-The Rhythm Divine
6-Could I Have This Kiss Forever
7-La Chica de Ayer
8-Experiencia Religiosa
9-Don't You Forget About Me
10-Knocking On Heaven's Door
11-Not In Love
12-Tired Of Being Sorry
13-Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song)
14-Be With You


16-Escape (With a Sample of Sweat Dreams)

Next is Marilyn Manson on the 19th of November 2007.


The Star said...

Hi, Pedrinho. I don't know if you recognize me from the Bon Jovi’s group or from the Portuguese forum. Hope you can guess who I am. ;)
I usually visit the GK’s blog too. She’s such a sweet girl.
I have a blog too, you can visit me in the TheStarIsMe blog. It’s almost like a diary. I write about my own experiences, my thoughts, all kinds of stuff…
Sorry about my awful English, I’m doing my best.
I loved your blog, I can see you love all kinds of music. That’s great. The music is my life too. Nowadays, I like to listen rock, hard-rock, alternative rock, some dance and trance too, instrumentals, and so on.
I see a lot of tv series too. For instance: Prison Break, Heroes, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty, Jericho, Lost, Nip/Tuck, Samantha Who, and many more. I’m so addicted… To me, the best are Prison Break, Heroes, Supernatural and Gilmore Girls. But unfortunately, due to the writers strike, this series will go in a hiatus very soon. :(
Hope you continue with your awesome work with the blog, and with the forum, I hope I can help you whenever you need. Just say something if you need. ;)
Beijovis! :D

The Star said...

Ufa, é um grande alívio poder comentar em português.
Como deves ter reparado o meu inglês não é lá muito famoso, apesar de entender na perfeição, a escrita e a fala foram sempre o meu calcanhar de Aquiles.
Sou muito distraída, daí não reparedo que podia logo ter comentado em português. ;)
Estou neste momento a criar um post no meu blog para divulgar o fórum. Espero que resulte, e seja um chamariz de mais pessoal. ;)
Obrigada pelo comentário no meu blog.
Beijocas desta nossa amiga, também. :D

Kalua said...

tens um premio no meu blog...

GK said...

It's the photo of the Marilyn Mason concert that I want to see!!! LOL