Monday, May 14, 2007

George Michael, 2007-05-12, Coimbra

Last Saturday, the 12th of May 2007, George Michael played in Portugal for the first time ever. The show was in "Estadio Cidade de Coimbra" in Coimbra to 28.000 people.

It was an amazing show. George Michael in the 80's, from 1982 till 1986 was in "Wham!" with Andrew Ridgley my favourite band of that time. I am following his carreer since 1982. After "Wham!" George Michael went solo.

Here it is the set list from the show of this second leg of the "25 Live Tour":

First Half
1. Waiting (Reprise)
2. Flawless (Go to the City)
3. Fast Love
4. Precious Box
5. Father Figure
6. Everything She Wants
7. Ticking
8. Praying for Time
9. Too Funky
10. Star People
11. Shoot the Dog

20 Minute Break
With - "John & Elvis" Video

Second Half
12. Faith
13. Spinning the Wheel
14. Easier Affair
15. Jesus to a Child
16. Amazing
17. I'm Your Man
18. Outside

19. Careless Whisper
20. Freedom '90

PS1: 5. Father Figure
At the end of this music GM said sorry for his removal of 15 years touring; "It was a long time but, at the end of this night, when you walk out of here, I hope you've forgiven me".

PS2: 11. Shoot the Dog
A caricature of the US President, George W. Bush, in a mould of an inflatable doll, appeard on the center of stage, with a submissive dog with a leash and a british flag, in an allusion to Tony Blair.

The band

* George Michael - vocals
* Chris Cameron - musical director/arranger
* Danny Cummings - percussion
* Phil Palmer - guitars
* Andy Hamilton - sax, keyboards, Ewi
* Steve Walters - bass
* Mike Brown - guitars
* Carlos Hercules - drums
* Graham Kearns - guitars
* Luke Smith - keyboards
* Shirely Lewis - backing vocals
* Jay Henry - backing vocals
* Lincoln Jean-Marie - backing vocals
* Lori Perry - backing vocals
* Sharon Perry - backing vocals
* Lucy Jules - backing vocals

The portuguese Fingertips played before George Michael for 44 minutes when still many people was arriving to the stadium. They played some of their most knowned songs like: "Mellancholic Ballad (For The Leftlovers)", "Picture Of My Own" and "Cause to Love You".

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, better known as George Michael (born on June 25, 1963).


GK said...

UAU! Your photos are FABULOUS!!! How much? LOL
I also LOVED the show. Beautiful, very civilised, full of LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Pedro, o teu blog està muito fixe e as fotos do concerto do George Michael em coimbra sào "amazing"!!
Feliz em conhecer-te !!!bjs, sandra F. from Paris

kalua said...

Parabéns pelo teu trabalho e obrigada por partilhares! Que mais posso dizer?! Tu és o homem dos concertos!!!
Prazer em conhecer-te.

Westwood said...

Sim, foi um concerto formidável. Os teus apontamentos e as tuas fotos são igualmente formidáveis. Obrigadão